Blithfield Barrel Winter Series

08/11/2017 20:55:40
The Blithfield Barrel starts this weekend on Sunday and continues on 3rd December, 14th January and finishes on the 11th February. The Merlins are usually the biggest fleet so pop along if you fancy a blast, it's 15quid a day or 40quid for the series.

27/11/2017 22:00:19
Tim Male
Caroline Croft crewed by Matt Lullham-Robinson are holding the top spot after week 1, closely followed by Chris Gould piloting an Osprey. Next round this weekend might be a bit chilly but the Merlins are tuff stuff so will be out whatever.

27/11/2017 22:02:41
Tim Male
Entry available on the day, 15 quid.

09/01/2018 22:36:03
Tim Male
Merlin Results (ignoring the Osprey currently in 1st)
2 3743 Matt Biggs  Bekka Jones
3 3673 Caroline Croft Matt Lullham-Robinson
5 3700 Rich Adams George Crabtree
6 3787 Chris Martin Sam Bailey
7 3583 Colin Anderson John Hackett
8 3760 Mark Reddington Colin State
10 3730 Paul Hollis Paula Mason
12 3716 Steve Leney Gill Leney
16 3339 Tim Male Rebecca Male
18 3775 Andy Davis Tom Pygall
24 3711 Sam Thompson Leanne Thompson
31 3617 Tom Chadfield Andy Chadfield
33 3695 Pete Slack Lydia Barber
36 3623 Doug Rankin Paul Rankin
48 3590 Peter Wainwright Tracy Smith
60 3643 Adam Maclean Graham Maclean
63 3391 Rob Swinnock Esther Swinnock
64 3567 Martin Smith Karen Betson
67 3547 Peter Male Richard Smith
Round 3 is  this Sunday 14th. Entry is £15 on the day. Galley will be open. Bar will be open. Reservoir is full to the brim. Anemometer will be turned up to 11, should be fun :)


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