Ranelagh - Saturday 11th

06/11/2017 17:04:42

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that this coming Saturday sees the culmination of the Thames Series and an open meeting on the tidal Thames.  The race will start no earlier than 1.30pm, and will take us downriver, under the bridges on the ebb tide.  We'll then go round a buoy and come back, still in all likelihood against the end of the ebb, possibly beginning of the flood, depending on wind strength.  It always takes about two hours.

Ranelagh Sailing Club, Putney Embankment
Entry fee £10 - as ever includes bacon rolls, tea and coffee, hot meal after racing for helm and crew (and entry).
Parking - on a Saturday the side streets are restricted so don't park there.  Park on the slope in front of the club down to the sea.  The tide will be going out.  This is free.  I'll be around.
After racing we'll eat our Cassoulet with French bread, drink a couple of beers (£1.50 a pint) and then for those that would like to hang out in Putney there is a beers and curry plan.  Boats can be accommodated overnight, as can people probably but please give me a shout if you'd like to stay.
The Thames series is wide open between Martin Hunter and John Bell, so that is worth coming for in itself.  Lots of visitors have said they're coming and with a strong home fleet it should be great.
Everyone welcome.

06/11/2017 20:05:24
Really wish I could come, the March open was excellent! Sadly I can’t make it.


08/11/2017 10:55:34
Forecast looks great - really looking forward to it.

10/11/2017 12:23:16
Frances Gifford

Hi Everyone,

Just one other small detail.  There is a rowing race on Saturday morning that finishes just off Ranelagh Sailing Club.  (Veterans Fours Head of the River - 235 rowing boats)  Whilst this doesn't impact on our race (they'll all be done by the time we launch), it will mean there may be an extra element of chaos when we are arriving, rigging and parking.

The roads from Lower Richmond Road down to the river may also appear to be closed and marshalled.  They will let us through for access, you just may need to tell them you're sailing from Ranelagh Sailing Club.  This is regardless of whether you have a boat on the back.  Those without a boat on the back may need to explain a bit more to them, but it genuinely should be fine.
Don't let any of this put you off, chaos on Putney Embankment is reasonably normal.  But it will be reasonably chaotic.  Allowing a small amount of extra time may be advisable....
See you all tomorrow.  Forecast is excellent, cassoulet is cooked.

13/11/2017 09:27:59
Chris Rathbone
Hi, Any results available please?

13/11/2017 10:45:51
Frances Gifford

Report will be written today Chris... 

Thanks everyone for coming.  I think most people had a great day!

13/11/2017 19:17:58
Chris Rathbone
Many thanks. Looking forward to seeing it.


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