mainsheet traveller

30/10/2017 18:25:52
ok thoughts and comments appreciated!
well after a season fighting the old school bbodge / pulley traveller.....
is there a reason harken is 'de riguer' for mainsheet travellers? anyone used a ronstan or dare i mention holt or allen systems?
is it just a track and the matching car or do i need the ends/stops as well.


31/10/2017 18:42:29
Chris Rathbone
I use a Harken self tacking traveller on my boat (2266) and it works beautifully. Track is attached to the thwart and is flat. Little friction when sheeting in unlike the old IYE travellers of old. Can’t comment on any others.

31/10/2017 18:45:53
john fildes
You might like to think about taking split tales , very cheap and effective . And yes it has taken over 10 variants to make work properly. 

31/10/2017 22:07:25
Thanks chaps.  Nsm2 with a hoop... was just interested in Abby perceived or known issues with the cheaper Holt / allen system over the more pricey harken or ronstan. 
I've always been wary of cheaper blocks especially ratchet blocks so I guess the same for traveller?? You pays your money and takes your choice. Surprised no one had tried a Holt micro traveller for the hoop.....

01/11/2017 08:12:11
 Chris and John

Have you got any photos of your systems? Can you post links to them?

Much appreciated

02/11/2017 19:24:10
Chris Rathbone
Spratt, please email me ([email protected]) and I will send the pictures.

03/11/2017 09:30:20
Chris Rathbone
Matt/ Douglas. Have sent.

06/11/2017 14:19:41
John fildes
Hi if you would like to drop me a mail I will happily do you a drawing. [email protected] 


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