Aspire 2018 National Champs - Lyme

19/10/2017 13:33:33
Ian Mackenzie
Yes, it's time to start the preps for 2018 and it is with considerable pleasure that I am able to announce that Alan Woosey and Aspire Financial Services have offered to continue sponsorship of the National Championship.
For reasons I cannot begin to fathom, Angela and I have been asked to act as Co-ordinators again and a hugely experienced team at Lyme; led by Dan (Lyme Event Chairman), Jerry Rook (Cdre) and Stuart Gurney (Chief Cook and Bottle washer) are eagerly awaiting our attendance. If any of you feel an urgent desire to flex your wings as Nat's Co-ordinators please feel free to volunteer and we will cheerfully relinquish the baton.
First plea - please book your accommodation early.
The forthcoming magazine will have more information and the Champ's website will be updated shortly.
Watch this thread for details of Entry and the NoR. There will be an Entry Limit of 80 boats.
 See you in Lyme 2018.

23/10/2017 09:40:17
Ian Mackenzie
Hi Everyone. Please be aware that, as advised above, the Aspire 2018 Nationals website is currently unavailable whilst we update it for next year. When ready to relaunch, I will announce it here.
Cheers Ian 

16/02/2018 21:55:08
Ian Mackenzie

I am delighted to be able to let you know that Entry for the Aspire 2018 Nationals at Lyme Regis will be opening very shortly. We are just working to get the Champs website redraft complete and I will announce the actual date here and on facebook.

The Committee have been working in close liaison with Lyme Regis SC to agree a financial package that works for all and will allow the fleet to enjoy world quality racing and full on Lyme hospitality.

Some of you may have heard suggested Entry Fee levels on the grapevine. Please ignore the jungle drums. I am pleased to confirm that Early Entry (entries by 1 May) will cost £240 (inclusive of Harbour Dues/Berthing Fees).

Whilst this is an increase on previous years, it is a reflection of the quality of Nationals Race Management that we demand and the greater expense of south coast venues at high season. I would assure all entrants that the MROA run the Nationals on a “not for profit” basis and that the MROA Committee have worked extremely hard to keep our overheads in-line with previous year’s costs.

I look forward to being able to complete more detail of the social programme and to being able to announce a full entry list on the Champs site – remember Max. Entry = 80.

22/02/2018 13:13:22
Ian Mackenzie

 Hi Everyone,

Just to whet your appetites whilst we put the finishing touches to the Champ's site,  here's an extract of the Race Programme from the NoR.
Working on a Social Programme to keep you all suitably entertained ashore too. 




Warning Signal

Not Before:





18 Aug

10:00 – 17:00


Measurement checks and registration.

Racing and safety briefing in LRSC Clubhouse.



19 Aug

09:00 – 11.30






Race 1 – Founders Trophy



20 Aug


back to back

Race 2 – Beechers Cup

Race 3 – Clyde Quaich



21 Aug


back to back

Race 4 – West Country Trophy

Crews’ Race



22 Aug


back to back

Race 5 – Howard Trophy

Race 6 – Winter Trophy



23 Aug


Race 7 - Ranelagh Trophy



24 Aug


back to back

Race 8 – Top Hat Trophy

Race 9 – Silent World Trophy


No warning signal will be made after 14:00 on Friday 24 August 2018 unless fewer than three races have been completed in the series.

23/02/2018 12:23:18
Dave Stubbs
Although Stuart may well be washing bottles and doing the dishes he is infact Assistant Event Chairman and very busy behind the scenes for those who don't know 

23/02/2018 13:19:58
Dave Stubbs
Although Stuart may well be washing bottles and doing the dishes he is infact Assistant Event Chairman and very busy behind the scenes for those who don't know 

23/02/2018 14:48:19
Ian Mackenzie
My apologies to Stuart and to anyone else I may have misled. As Assistant Event Chairman, I know that Stuart has provided invaluable support to Dan and to Lyme Regis SC.
My use of the phrase above was an attempt at humour, intended to show that Stuart was,
Someone whose responsibilities include absolutely everything, from the highest level (chief cook) to the lowest (bottle washer)
Someone whose responsibilities include absolutely everything, from the highest level (chief cook) to the lowest (bottle washer)
"Someone whose responsibilities include absolutely everything, from the highest level (chief cook) to the lowest (bottle washer)" i.e. someone who can be relied upon to get things done.
If this has been interpreted in any other way, please allow me to correct that impression.

27/02/2018 21:54:13
Ben 3767
Ian, Olivia is prioritising other areas of the event and would like to know what the theme of the fancy dress will be? 

28/02/2018 10:01:34
Ian Mackenzie
 Hi Ben, delighted to see that Olivia has got her priorities right and congratulations on her excellent detail planning at this stage. Must be in the genes.
Fancy Dress Theme - Jurassic Monsters and Cavemen.
The Champs website is nearly complete and will be opened imminently.
Entry Forms will be available online and hard copy forms will be available from the Merlin Stand at the Dinghy Show.
Watch out for more info on our very own, Rockets' Got Talent Show. Currently planned for the Wednesday night, after the Crews' Union!

02/03/2018 13:56:18
Ian Mackenzie
The Aspire 2018 Merlin Rocket Championship website is NOW OPEN
                              ASPIRE 2018 
I hope you find it informative and that the links provided are helpful.
Any queries/comments - do not hesitate to contact me.
Angela and I will be on the Merlin Stand on Sunday.
Don't miss the next magazine - articles introducing our Race Officer for Lyme, Nigel Denchfield, and an introduction to some of the innovations for this year.
Now, down to the real work - getting the Social programme sorted.
Look forward to seeing you all in Lyme. Hope you'll want to get your entries in as soon as possible and start booking your accommodation.

07/03/2018 13:48:45
Ian Mackenzie
Aspire 2018 Nationals - 6 entries already.
Entry Form now simplified. Just open the pdf, fill in your details, save and send to email address on form.
Here's the link - Enter page 
Remember - Early Entry Fee - only available until 1st May 2018
Max entry - 80 entrants
Get booking. 

09/03/2018 17:22:21
Ian Mackenzie
17 entries now received
Only 63 places left
Eagerly awaiting your remaining entries.
Did you know that Rule 18.4 does NOT apply at gatemarks? Did you know there was a rule 18.4?
Don't worry about the last paragraph of the article - our gatemarks will be about 10 boat lengths apart.
What difference does that make? You don't know! Then you need to check out the link. Happy sailing

14/03/2018 12:34:50
Ian Mackenzie
Hi All,
Latest entries just updated and I know that there are at least 5 more on the way!
So, only 50 places left
Over to you.
Lyme and Angela working hard on the social programme.
Not too early to start thinking about your Jurassic Monsters and Cavemen costumes.
Watch out for details of the Wizard Quizzing Night and the Rockets' Got Talent Show.
And check your Measurement Certificates are correct. We will want to see them at Registration. I will be putting more info re Scrutineering/Registration on the Champs site in a couple of weeks.

06/04/2018 12:43:19
Ian Mackenzie
Hi Everyone,
Yes, I know you are busy getting ready for the Salcombe Silver Tiller. Have a great time. Looking forward to reading the reports.
BUT, before you spend too many beer tokens, please can I remind you  -
Please can I remind you, to get your Early Entry Discount - we must have received your payment before 1 May too.
Plenty of info in the forthcoming magazine. 30 entries received so far. Max Entry Limit - 80

18/04/2018 17:34:11
Ian Mackenzie
Early Entry Discount
 Just 12 days left.

18/04/2018 17:40:55
Ian Mackenzie
PS - I am away in Ireland at the moment.
If you have sent a snail mail entry, please email me with; sail number, club, helm & crew names.
Cheers Ian 

25/04/2018 09:36:27
Ian Mackenzie
Early Entry Discount - just 5 days left.
If you have sent an Entry but you are not listed on the Champs Entries Page, please email me your details using the address on the Champs Entry page.

29/04/2018 12:36:03
Ian Mackenzie
Last chance for Early Entry Discount - Ends 30th April.
Champs Entries just updated from the wild west extremity of Ireland.
40 players so far. Come and join us.
If you have sent me an Entry and your name is NOT showing on the Champ's Entries List email me with your details - address as per Champ's website.

30/04/2018 09:30:39
Ian Mackenzie
Last Orders for Early Entry Discount.
45 on the list so far.
If your name is missing; email me your entry form and send Colin the cash by midnight tonight.
Cheers Ian 

01/05/2018 12:05:22
Ian Mackenzie
Early Entry Discounts IS NOW CLOSED
The Champ's site Entries list is up to date. Well done to all those who have conserved their ice cream or beer tokens and Welcome to the Aspire 2018 Lyme Regis National Champs.
52 entrants so far, some of whom made it by the skin of their teeth! 
If your name is missing let me know as soon as possible.
For those still pondering their entry, Standard Entry Fee of £270 is available until 30 June.
If you are still undecided by then, Late Entry Fee will be £300.
There will be more info on the Champ's site soon and further articles in the next magazine.
In the meantime, hope you enjoy the Silver Tiller and Salcombe. See you in Lyme.
Cheers, Ian 

11/05/2018 18:12:14
Ian Mackenzie
Entry List just updated - 54 runners and riders so far.
Remember, Standard Entry Fee now applies - £270 - available until 30 June.
Thereafter, Late Entry Fee - £300.
Please enter NOW. Do not waste your beer tokens. 

01/06/2018 16:17:46
Ian Mackenzie
57 Aspiring entries - congratulations.
Remember, Standard Entry closes on 30 June - £270.
As an additional bonus, and courtesy of Selden, the first 60 entries will qualify for a much coveted, highly sought after and totally complimentary Selden Water Bottle. Last 3 places up for grabs NOW.
So, get your free water bottle, save £30 over Late Entry and secure your spot amongst the last 23 available spaces.
Draft SIs will be on the Champs site very shortly. 

02/06/2018 10:44:10
Ian Mackenzie
Draft SIs - ASPIRE Merlin Rocket Nationals
Yes, these are now available for avid readers of essential detail. Look forward to the Salcombe bar talk.
Check out the Merlin Champs site; Enter page, Draft SI button.
Or, more quickly, use this link Draft SIs 
Remember, only 28 days left to get Standard entry. 3 more entries available to qualify for Selden Water Bottle.
Max entry 80 - 23 places left 

02/06/2018 10:44:28
Ian Mackenzie
Draft SIs - ASPIRE Merlin Rocket Nationals
Yes, these are now available for avid readers of essential detail. Look forward to the Salcombe bar talk.
Check out the Merlin Champs site; Enter page, Draft SI button.
Or, more quickly, use this link Draft SIs 
Remember, only 28 days left to get Standard entry. 3 more entries available to qualify for Selden Water Bottle.
Max entry 80 - 23 places left 

04/06/2018 12:37:35
Ian Mackenzie
 Crew Needed
Bronze Fleet sailor, Mk 5 Winder needs crew for full week of Nationals.
For more details, please contact me at mrnationals at

04/06/2018 18:47:23
Ian Mackenzie
58th Entry in today.
Only 2 more Selden water bottles up for grabs.
22 places left. 
Standard Entry closes in 26 days! 

09/06/2018 11:46:19
Ian Mackenzie
59th Entry just received.
 Obviously Ben and Tom desperately need a Selden water bottle!
Last one up for grabs by 60th entry?
Please remember- Standard Entry closes in 21 days.
 Only 21 places left.

16/06/2018 10:22:58
stuart gurney
the important part of the nationals is of course the eating and drinking championships. 
I can report that (still provisional) you will be getting some great food.
Saturday - official reception - free of charge hosted by LRSC (Jerry Rook mainly, who is not paying for all of it - in fact none of it)
Monday - hog roast (by John our local butcher) and lots of salads - £8 if you book early £10 on the nights
Tuesday Evening  - You will recieve 2 vouchers in your welcome pack which will enable you to get £2 per head discount on fish and chips at Herbies Fish Bar just 1m from the club entrance - so a fiver will give you a good portion!
Thursday - curries, various from spicy to mild - veggy curries - papadoms - nans etc There will be lots of it, and again £8 if you book early £10 on the day . 
So you can have 3 evenings food for about £23 but only if you book early.
The other matters are being handled by hordes of experts, so if you are interested in sailing it might be OK
See you in August  Stuart

16/06/2018 13:13:51
stuart gurney
complicated maths - it will in fact only be £21 - what a bargain

20/06/2018 10:15:50
Hi Stuart,
Just trying to plan for Lyme and meals etc, looked at the event website and on Tuesday it says theirs a bbq, on your post above it says fish and chips. Please, can you clarify?

20/06/2018 12:48:13
Ian Mackenzie
Hi Lou and Everyone
 Social programme on Champs site now updated  - but keep watching because I hope to post more great news shortly.
After a fantastic meeting at Lyme last week, this is how the catering arrangements are looking:
Saturday - Commodore's Reception (included in Entry Fee)
Monday - Hog Roast - tickets £8pp (if bought on Sat-Sun)/£10pp (if bought Monday)
Tuesday - BBQ cancelled. Instead 2 x £2 discount vouchers in your Registration Pack. Herbies is right next to the entrance to the club compound.
Thursday - Curry Supper (choice of Chicken Madras/Chicken Korma/Vegetarian Curry plus pappadum/raita/mango chutney/lime pickle/sag aloo/onion bhajee/lentil dhall) - So, the works, all for £8pp (tickets bought Sat-Wed)/£10pp (tickets bought Thu). 
As promoted by Stuart - 4, yes 4, meals for £21.
And we hope to offer more.

20/06/2018 12:56:27
Ian Mackenzie
Cheap accommodation at Lyme?
Yes, it does exist but you may need to be a bit imaginative.
Check out "The Hub"  - they offer indoor camping?

"The Hub is a great venue for residential accommodation for large groups who want to stay in Lyme Regis, next to the sea and on the Jurassic Coast. The building comprises a newly refurbished kitchen, accessible access for all, three showers, great separate indoor camping spaces, wifi, and we even have camp beds you can use! We can accommodate classes of young people and large groups who want to stay in Lyme Regis. The charge is £150 per night regardless of how many people stay."

Please contact them direct for more details. Let me know how you get on.

22/06/2018 14:50:06
Ian Mackenzie
Hi Everyone,
Exciting times in the run in to the Aspire Nationals for 2018.
The glassware is ordered and the fizz is in my garage - you wouldn't believe my self-control.
You will hopefully have seen the excellent news about the HD Sails auction and we are working hard to finalise the social programme. Please check your magazine for the weekly outline but note that, even in the last 2 weeks, we have enhanced the social programme. You will receive final details in your Welcome Pack and I will start a new thread, Aspire Social Programme, to try and keep you up to date.
We will save this thread for Race Management matters.
On that subject - Measurement Certificates. Yes we have checked the RYA's records. No, not everyone has the right paperwork. We will be contacting you.
You will need to present a valid Certificate at scrutineering AND Registration 

25/06/2018 09:04:04
Ian Mackenzie
Standard Entry closes 30 June - £270.
60 entries so far.
Don't miss your chance to join the party

29/06/2018 09:25:15
Ian Mackenzie
Last call for Standard Entry- closes tomorrow at midnight. You are welcome to enter after 30 June but we will need to take more of your beer tokens.

17/07/2018 19:45:35
Ian Mackenzie
Okay, so now we have got the annual Salcombe Frenzy out of the way. Time for the final preparations for the Aspire Nationals.
First, the great news, we have just received our 60th Entry - full list here Entries 
Second, time to get the paperwork in order please. In particular, the RYA are checking all boats entered against their Class Records to make sure boats have a valid Measurement Certificate. If you have bought a new boat and thought the last owner's certificate still applied - sorry, it must be in the "current owner's name". Please do not leave it till the last minute to get this done, the RYA will add a surcharge of £20 if you amend your certificate within a week of the Champs - Details
Thirdly - we will need to see your certificate at Scrutineering AND Registration. We've heard it all before;
      My dog ate it 
      We haven't unpacked since the house move and it's in one of the boxes
      What's a Measurement Certificate
      My wife/partner/crew/girlfriend has put it somewhere safe 
Draft SI (V1.8) Para 1.3 - certificate MUST be verified no later than 1200 24 Aug.
And, for now, finally - we will have an Afloat Judge, we will have Advisory and Arbitration hearings, there will be Appendix P penalties and an option to take an Exoneration Penalty. Check the draft SIs  and please be sure to come to the pre-race briefing after Registration.
For all the social stuff, please watch the Nationals Social thread.
Looking forward to seeing you all - Ian 

28/07/2018 14:52:20
Ian Mackenzie
Latest news - 63rd entry just received. And it doesn't get any easier in Gold Fleet!
Check out the opposition here - Entry List
Just a quick reminder,  the RYA are doing a complete check of boat certificates for all entries. 
You will need to bring your Boat Certificate with you for the Scrutineer and Registration.
Any owner needing to amend his certificate after 12 Aug will be charged the standard fee plus an Express Certification Fee, an additional £20, by the RYA - see here - Certificates. Please do not get caught out.

29/07/2018 13:54:52
Ian Mackenzie
Arrival Process.
Hi All, we are definitely getting closer so here is some guidance on your arrival.
Early Arrival - Friday
The Beachmaster and his team will be around the harbour slipway in the afternoon.
Please berth your boat as directed and collect your Tally No.
Remember, you will need to have your mast down at Scrutineering (on Sat)
For later arrivals, there will be a storage area on the slipway for you to leave your boat.
The Club Bar will probably still be open. 
Please check in with the Beachmaster on Saturday to get your berth and Tally No.
Saturday Arrivals
Please drop your boat at the slipway.
There is limited vehicle access so please move cars to the public car park as quickly as possible.
The Beachmaster will allocate your berth and Tally No.
   See the Guide here - Scrutineering 
   Take your Certificate to Scrutineering
   Then bring your Certificate and Scrutineering Form to Registration.
Let's hope the sunnier weather has returned. 

01/08/2018 07:01:57
Ian Mackenzie
For avid readers of the Champs site, you will have seen that we have just uploaded a revised version of the draft SIs.
I will personally award a pint (prize reclaimable at LRSC bar) to anyone who can spot the 4 changes.
As a hint, please can I also ask you to be aware that;
for the avoidance of doubt, any reference to (LRSC) in any earlier documentation should be taken to mean to LRSC Ltd.

14/08/2018 15:13:38
Ian Mackenzie
Final calls for this year's Nationals.
Here are the SIs now in force - Lyme Regis 2018 Nationals - SIs V2..0 
To complete Scrutineering AND Registration - You MUST have a valid Certificate with you
Bring your crews to Registration - they will need to sign up for the Daily WTF Crew's Award. What is the WTF Crew's Award? All will be revealed.
More info on the Social thread shortly, including a full list of the goodies available at the Daily Prizegiving. 
Safe journey to Lyme. Listen out for your first Fossil Txt for the Champs. 


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