Aspire 2018 National Champs - Lyme

19/10/2017 13:33:33
Ian Mackenzie
Yes, it's time to start the preps for 2018 and it is with considerable pleasure that I am able to announce that Alan Woosey and Aspire Financial Services have offered to continue sponsorship of the National Championship.
For reasons I cannot begin to fathom, Angela and I have been asked to act as Co-ordinators again and a hugely experienced team at Lyme; led by Dan (Lyme Event Chairman), Jerry Rook (Cdre) and Stuart Gurney (Chief Cook and Bottle washer) are eagerly awaiting our attendance. If any of you feel an urgent desire to flex your wings as Nat's Co-ordinators please feel free to volunteer and we will cheerfully relinquish the baton.
First plea - please book your accommodation early.
The forthcoming magazine will have more information and the Champ's website will be updated shortly.
Watch this thread for details of Entry and the NoR. There will be an Entry Limit of 80 boats.
 See you in Lyme 2018.

23/10/2017 09:40:17
Ian Mackenzie
Hi Everyone. Please be aware that, as advised above, the Aspire 2018 Nationals website is currently unavailable whilst we update it for next year. When ready to relaunch, I will announce it here.
Cheers Ian 


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