14/10/2017 08:39:27
Does anyone know what design 3047 is?


Hopefully the picture helps

17/10/2017 08:46:08
Andrew Mills
Concerto is a Hoare (I think?) Smoker's Satisfaction which spent quite a long time at Hampton under the ownership of Rob Heath and one of the Bowen Perkins, though I can't remember which.  The black paint job is new!  Rob recognises the hoop but not a lot else from his ownership.  You always wonder what may lurk under the paint in a boat this old, but if there isn't any rot and the joints are all holding together should still be a good inland boat.

18/10/2017 17:50:51
Former whitstable pro
My earlier post seems to have been deleted .
The year book shows 3047 as a Rowsell Smokers 

21/10/2017 17:05:23
Hywel jnr
She was a Smokers, blue when I had her then in a fit of madness for a Salcombe week in the mid 90's I painted her yellow and purple. I think only three planks sprung that week. By the end of the week I think a whole roll of duct tape was holding her together. She definitely looks better now 😂

22/10/2017 19:03:18
  Hopefully shes solid still..... just acquired her with a friend to sail at Felixstowe. looking forward to picking her up!


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