Adur 3

05/10/2017 10:17:49
I have recently become the new owner of Shoestring MR 1136.  She has sailed at Tamesis for a number of years and will continue to ply the Thames.

Joe and Tom Mclaughlin have given me some background but I'd be interested in any history and characteristics of the Adur boatyard's work and especially the Adur 3 and Shoestring in particular. 

I have googled and searched this forum but info is limited. 

Thanks in advance. 

08/10/2017 22:51:25
Former whitstable pro
The original owner of this fabulous boat is in France at present but I will relate one of my most memorable races later next week . 

09/10/2017 12:03:22
Tim Medcalf
Sounds intriguing, looking forward to it!

13/10/2017 17:05:50
Former whitstable pro
It was 1964 and after the impressive performance of the , subsequently illegal, Adur 6's most of the SMYC members were replacing with Adur 7's. However , following a visit from Paul Nevard with a Star Rocket, when he trounced the local fleet in their river , Alan Warren went in a different direction  Immediately he showed unbeatable speed to windward in the wind and waves at Shoreham ( he went on to win the Silver Tiller for the first time ) . Jim Robinson wasn't sailing that often but fancied a trip to Parkstone and because I had a tow-bar asked me to crew him in Shoestring .
We arrived later than desirable and had no time to study the SI's which a wave destroyed en route to the start line..We left the start in clear wind, a F4-5 Westerly , not having a clue where we were going. Parkstone had provided a lead launch and the Warren/Dunning combo was leading a bunch following its path. We were down to leeward by ourselves. The lead launch approached a mark and we tacked to lay it only to see the launch continue past it-we tacked back on to starboard .This scenario was repeated twice more before the launch went past a mark right at the western end of Poole Harbour and stopped. We were crossing the rest of the fleet by quite a margin but . of course , had no idea which way to round the mark. We sat there sails flapping until Alan got within earshot.
'Which way Al ' I yelled  'Wot' came the reply 'Which way round'  we both yelled as he got closer 'Pardon' replied Al politely. We were getting the feeling that he might not tell us !! Up went his spinnaker and we followed down the run. A mark hove into view and Barry took his kite down . I  followed suit and then looked up to see Barry had re-hoisted and continued on the same course past the mark- they had been taking out a twist in their kite ! We held second place quite easily until , when sailing some short-ish legs in front of the club-house. the same type of wave that had ruined the SI's washed my contact lenses out ( £100 to replace in 1964)  and filled up the boat . 'Open the bailers' said Jim but was understanding when told the reason for my refusal.Despite the excess of water swilling around only two boats passed us by the finish. Then started the hunt for my lenses . Elsie took off her tights and I ran the water emerging from the bung-holes through them. Meanwhile she was popping the bubbles that 
were floating on the remaining water in the boat.Two of them didn't burst when touched and my sight was restored!
Shoestring's performance had a huge impact on Chris Andrews who had been unable to match Al Warren's up-wind speed at Shoreham . He ditched his Adur 7 Rondo , which had come 4th in the Whitstable Champs, and borrowed Shoestring for the Poole Championships a week later. Unfortunately the week was light !! Rondo was restored to favour for the following Plymouth Champs and Chris and I were very fast upwind reaching the first mark in the lead in two of the three races sailed. Unfortunately the last race didn't count towards the Championships.

13/10/2017 19:45:27
Tim Medcalf
FWP, many thanks for taking the time to share this story.  Were there many Adur 3s still on the circuit at that time or was Shoestring a loner?  Sounds like she went better in a blow?
Did you find your contact lenses?  If not, I'm doing a bit of work on the hull at the moment so I'll let you know if I find them.....

13/10/2017 20:32:41
Former whitstable pro
I don't think many Adur 3's were built and I don't recall any others being on the circuit - even Shoestring made only a
few. 988 was a beautiful looking boat  and turned up at Lancing.
The bubbles that didn't pop were my lenses. 

13/10/2017 21:14:51
Tim Medcalf
Just after my last post I put my own lenses in and realised that all had turned out well for you!
Thanks again for sharing the memory.  All the best. 

20/10/2017 17:16:07
Former whitstable pro
Tim   Jim would like to have a chat - his number is 01825 872152

20/10/2017 21:42:12
Tim Medcalf
FWP - many thanks, I'll give him a call.  Tim

16/11/2017 22:07:39
'Flipside' MR1065 is/was an Adur 3. One of the fastest Merlin Rockets on the Thames. 

18/11/2017 14:30:53
Former whitstable pro
Don't think much of the Adur III is left -more like a Passing cloud with the bow closer to the water40

20/11/2017 20:04:27
Martin Hunter
Hi, Keith you are still winging on , yets get it right  Flipside was a total wreck, when I brought it, it had been lying on its side for over 20 years, on the certificate the design said unknown design, and rebuilding it even if its a slightly different shape is totally within the rules, the boat has been measured and passed and yes it is quick on the river.  She was built for the Thames, but that is mainly due to the skill of the master craftsman and his sailing skills,  

20/11/2017 20:12:22
Chris Martin
Do we really need to do all this again?

16/07/2020 08:27:01
David Seer
Half-way decent Adur 3 hull availbale in Oxford:


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