Salcombe week video

11/09/2017 21:54:51
We did a bit of video recording at Salcombe this year.
I finally smashed it all together into a short little vid:
Sorry but it only really shows one boat.
I'm OK with that :)

12/09/2017 07:19:27
Peter Scott
Tim - you have at least one more fan! I came across a 1984 photo of me varnishing the boat when new and it is an ongoing pleasure to see how much you have looked after her - always a pretty boat. Nice video - but I have to ask - how did you manage to race with that cameraman on board??!!

12/09/2017 17:37:13
Olly Turner
Loving the mast top view of the varnished decks! Just not the same on a carbon/plastic boat!

13/09/2017 22:21:14
I liked the final race prep before they finely set off - so cool.

24/09/2017 22:27:22
Andrew Mills
Short and sweet sums it up, thanks Tim!

01/10/2017 12:09:31
John Dalby
Smashing! Made me happy. Many thanks....


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