Boat restoration charities

06/09/2017 12:32:57
Does anyone know of a boat restoration charity who would be interested an old wooden merlin hull, sail number 1693, built in 1963 for a restoration project. 

06/09/2017 16:24:15
I visited Boathouse 4 at the Portsmouth dockyard today. A fascinating visit, which included seeing the boats they are restoring. One of them was an RNSA 14, so dinghies are undertaken. Visiting Boathouse 4 is free, and it's situated near both the bus station and the railway station, so easy to get to. Their website might prove worth visiting.

29/09/2017 23:52:17
Ian Laing

A friend and I may be interested in a repast oration project. Do you have a little more info and what bits are available.

Best wishes

Ian Laing

04/10/2017 10:48:01
Hi Ian,
Many thanks for your interest, please find details 
Sail Number 1693
Built by R E Hoare in 1963
Mk 9 
Hull, centre plate(attached) rudder and tiller.
I do have some pictures I could send if you let me have your email address.
Best regards
Nigel Wilyman. 


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