Mast for MR 1356

04/09/2017 13:50:07
I am intending to restore this MR. Biggest issue is the lack of a mast and absence of any documentation on rigging the dinghy. There is a wooden boom so I expect there would originally have been a wooden mast. I would appreciate some guidance on options and if anyone knows of a suitable available mast.

04/09/2017 19:52:37
Rod Andrew
I hardly know boats other than our own, but saw you shout twice in the wilderness...
A wooden boom doesn't automatically imply wooden mast, our 1620 has metal mast & wooden boom, as did many other boats from that period. However, I see that 1356, along with what I presume to be a sister ship 1357 'Chimp', are 'throwbacks' to a Proctor Mk 1 design, so maybe;- and the lack of a mast might be telling you something....
I would have thought the chances of finding a suitable & decent second hand wooden mast close to zero, but there must be a lot of metal masts out there waiting for a new owner, and conversion not difficult.

04/09/2017 20:02:25
Chris Martin
Where are you based? couple of period masts hanging ninth roof of our shed just north of birmingham

04/09/2017 20:44:54
Thanks for the responses. I am based in Rhu (just north of Glasgow). The original owner gave the MR to relatives who live up here. I am planning a trip down south later in the month so could call in on the way past.


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