Spinnaker pole length

14/07/2017 17:01:54

I need to replace the poles on my NSM 2. 

Should they be max length. As far as I can tell the rule has changed since the boat was designed and I think the new max length might be too long for the mast position and sheeting points. 



14/07/2017 20:39:15
Stuart Bates MR3615
The rules have changed since your boat was designed, however you should be fine with Max length poles.  The only thing that you will need to be aware of is that the larger spinnakers will move the centre of effort forward on a tighter reach, so you will need more centreboard down to counteract this.

15/07/2017 11:07:04
I changed my NSM1 over to the full length poles around the time tbe rules changed and had no problems flying either the old rules smaller spinnaker or the new larger one.  One thing that i did do with the larger spinnaker was to move the base of the spinnaker uphaul further up the mast.  There was a very good article in the library by Dan Alsop on how to this by locating a piece of wire in the bottom of the jib sheath that would act as the takeoff point for the uphaul.

16/07/2017 20:14:21
Stuart Bates MR3615
The other option, rather than raising the pole uphaul position on the mast is to have the attachment point on the end of the pole being a piece of rope that passes through a block, the line then has a knot part way down and then attached to some elastic.  This will mean that the pole is raised when stowed, but the uphaul will extend when the pole is launched.
The other thing to note with the longer poles is that the force required to launch it on a tighter reach means that you will need to have the downhaul adjustable, so that you can let it off to launch it, but then pull it on once launched to bring the spinnaker to the end of the pole.


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