Classic boats (incl. Merlins) under the hammer

11/07/2017 12:17:55
A large collection of classic (and in some cases historically very significant) boats, which started as The Exeter Maritime Museum in 1968, is being auctioned as part of the liquidation of Eyemouth International Sailing Craft Association Limited.  The collection includes a number of classic Merlins (along with a large number of classic I14s and a smattering of ICs).
If anyone's interested:  The website gives a certificate error - I ignored it.

11/07/2017 13:48:18
Stuart Bates
I count 5 Merlins among the lots.

11/07/2017 13:50:23
Stuart Bates
Link works ok.  

12/07/2017 11:00:34
Magnus Smith
Here's why David Henshall thinks we should all be worried about this auction!


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