Restoration of 2135 Tumbler

29/06/2017 22:34:04
Dear Merlin Rocket Community,
I have recently bought 2135 for a snip as an incomplete restoration project. I've put in the dirty and dusty but simple yards sanding and prepping and varnishing remaking internal wooden thwarts, centreboard housing top... now to the re assembly of the bag of bits that came with it. Some things are missing, some are aged and need replacing. The rudder stock was missing so I have sourced and adapted one that now works for the rudder blade, however the old rotten seat/thwart has the shadowy tell tales of a traveller track but I didn't inherit one that would have been removed There is no centre hoop/frame of any type nor mountings/location on the hull so it can't have been replaced by one of those.
so my questions are as follows:
1. type of traveller required ?
2. the car and block that might be needed to complete the main sheet rigging?
3. I'm just outside Newton Abbot so Exmouth, Star Cross, Teignmouth, Kingsbridge and Salcombe are all near enough. Are there any hoopless vintage boats of a similar age near by to chat and seek advice from their owners?
4. Does anyone know any of the boat's history? I believe it was stored in Dartington before I got it so there must be some local register of it. There is an MROA 2005(?) registration tag on the transom so maybe there is some on the club data base?

29/06/2017 22:59:57
Dave Lee
Hello Chris 

I'm currently restoring 2500 Silver Ghost and live just around the corner in Kingsteignton.  Give me a call on o798 3501955 and I should be able to help with most of your questions.

Dave Lee 

29/06/2017 23:49:01
Stuart Bates MR3615
If you want to chat Merlins there will be over a hundred near you next week!  Pop down during the day/evening if you want to have a chat with many of the knowledgeable sailors that will be around.

01/07/2017 11:58:17
Chris Rathbone
Hi, I think that Tumbler originally belonged to the late,great David Robinson. When I knew her at Upper Thames, she belonged to Richard Bridgeman. It did have a traveler(Proctor) and Banks Sails. And she had a glass fibre hull that moved when the boat planed! 

01/07/2017 20:33:19
Chris Hodges
Thanks for all the replies. 
Dave, I'll most certainly give you a call in the next few days. I'm actually in Liverton, in the shadow of Tragos.
Stuart, what a magnificent week it will be. I drove down the M% this morning and passed only 6 dinghies under tow...every one an MR!
Chris, thanks so much for putting some history behind my project. I just felt that there had to be people out there who knew her. She is still with the sails as there is a makers handwritten mark in the corner of 20/05/1968 of them. sadly the spinnaker  got moused somewhere along the line and is now more teabag, maybe when my confidence in handling her increases I'll get an exact copy made to replace it. I'd love to know if there were any more bit and pieces of history on her, photos etc out there too. I love a project but REALLY love a project where I feel connected to those who had her before.
Kind regards to all
Chris H 

02/07/2017 11:32:12
Mike Liggett
Can find no record of David Robinson owning her.  Looks like Richard Bridgeman was original owner according to 69 Year Book.  She is a IXb in GRP by Bob Hoare.  You should have no problem in sourcing a second hand spinnaker.

02/07/2017 20:50:34
Chris Hodges
Mike, Thanks for the details. I figured as much from hours spent researching all the photos I could find on this great site. but it's good to know what the "year book" says.
Cheers once more


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