Selden Boom Auction

12/06/2017 17:27:48
Ian Mackenzie
See the News Announcement. Fantastic Selden support for the Aspire 2017 Nationals.
The boom will be auctioned by submission of sealed, email bids.
Bidding will open on Monday 19th June.
Watch here for more details, email bid address and timescales.
Get your brand new Selden boom in time for the Nationals 

15/06/2017 11:43:50
Ian Mackenzie

Aspire Merlin Rocket Nationals

Selden Boom Auction – 2017


Selden have very generously extended their support of the Merlin Rocket fleet by offering a brand new Merlin boom, ready for pole launchers, for auction with all proceeds going towards the 2017 Nationals.


v Auction Opening Date - 19 June 2017

v Closing Date for bids – 31 July 2017

v Announcement of winning bid – 1 Aug 2017

v Payment to MROA by – 3 Aug 2017 (in event of non-payment, next highest bidder will be contacted and offered boom).

v Presentation of boom – o/c Race Briefing, Pwllheli 12 Aug 2017 (if highest bidder not attending Nationals, please nominate recipient to accept boom on your behalf)


Watch the Forum for announcement of the auction bid email address


17/06/2017 16:06:44
Ian Mackenzie
And the boom auction email is........
Sorry, I said the 19th so that's when you will know.
While you are waiting, why not get your Nationals Entry in?

19/06/2017 06:44:06
Ian Mackenzie
And the Selden Boom Auction email address is:

[email protected]

The auction is now open.

Closing date 31 July 2017.

Good luck

12/07/2017 09:46:22
Ian Mackenzie
Ok, Salcombe is over.
The Nationals and Inlands await.
Here is your chance to upgrade your boom, possibly at the best price ever?
Get your bids in now - [email protected]
Auction closes - 31 July 

18/07/2017 12:37:56
Ian Mackenzie
Bids now arriving.
Don't miss your chance to get the most cost-effective upgrade to you rig.

20/07/2017 15:48:12
Ian Mackenzie
11 days more bidding.
Have you thrown your hat in the ring yet? 

24/07/2017 10:18:43
Ian Mackenzie
Just one week left.

Only 7 days.

To count, your email bid to [email protected] MUST be received before midnight, 31 July.

Good luck.

31/07/2017 11:29:47
Ian Mackenzie
And the winner is ......
No, no, no. Far too early. We still have 12 and a half hours bidding to go.
email bids after midnight tonight will not be accepted. 
The winner will be announced tomorrow.
Good luck 

01/08/2017 10:02:39
Ian Mackenzie
The auction closed at midnight last night.
 The winner will be announced at 12.00 today.
Many thanks to all the bidders.

01/08/2017 12:09:36
Ian Mackenzie
And the winner is......
Congratulations to.......          Dan Willett.
Many thanks to all the other bidders. 
PS David Hayes asked me to remind everyone how hard he is working......... in France!! 


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