Don''t get too cocky with the sea and wind !!

18/05/2017 11:03:58
Hi Guys,
Just a little Neapolitan maritime proverb entitling the latest post to my construction blog.
Have also included a bit of technical info for the first timers.
Enjoy !!

18/05/2017 15:14:38
Very nice. Don't forget the pads fof the buoyancy bags ;)

18/05/2017 15:16:12
Think the class owe a big  thank you to Keith for putting the Hazrad plans together so that people can remotely get the wood cut and build Merlins as long as they have the space to do it 

18/05/2017 16:04:39
Luna Rossa
Hi Barnsie,
Thanks very much for your kind comments.
A big thank you to Keith for the plans. From the plans and table of offsets  I have traced, measured and  cut out all the moulds, planks and frames myself, alone, by hand. Hence the somewhat tired and dazed look in the last photo.
Regarding the buoyancy bags, for each bag I intend to cut out 6 small blocks of 12mm marine ply and drill 2 holes in each to take 5mm rope which will pass through a loop in each of 3 webbing straps per bag and will be tied up with a reef knot. There will be 3 blocks mounted on the inner base of the hull towards the keelson and 3 blocks mounted on the inner base of the hull under the deck since the pine stringers are a liitle light.
Thanks again
Ainslie French - Luna Rossa ;-)


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