ST results post Salcombe

11/04/2017 11:32:58
Hi all
ST results post Salcombe are now up. Please let me know if you spot any errors, or I've missed updating any new boat details. Cheers, Ross 

11/04/2017 12:55:54
I hear Midland is also a ST so I will add those results. The ST category is missing on the fixtures list so I hadn't spotted that open. 

11/04/2017 13:31:16
Midland results now added 

11/04/2017 13:41:33
Olly Turner
So that's why Chris Martin was pushing for the series results to be posted! 😉

11/04/2017 14:05:02
Lol, that did cross my mind...

11/04/2017 19:24:24
Chris Martin
I declare the series over.
See you at the dinner :) 

11/04/2017 20:18:09
Martin Smith

11/04/2017 20:27:25
I think you have a very old list of boat numbers for people?Sam Thompson is now 3711
Simon Blake has been sailing Pippas boat 3735
Rich Adams is now in 3700

Might be a few more I didn't spot 👌

11/04/2017 21:08:56
Chris Martin
On a more serious note:
4 events.
no turnouts below 20 boats.
One over 50 for the first time in some years for a straight ST
over 80 entries 
we seem too have good momentum this year - can we get over 20 at each event? can we break 30 qualifiers? Looks achievable at the moment. 

11/04/2017 22:36:14
Thanks Jez, I updated rather quickly at lunchtime. I'll update those sail numbers tomo

12/04/2017 12:53:19

Hi Ross,


My boat number has changed also - its not 3753 not 3620.

12/04/2017 13:29:35
Thanks Andy. I should have got an updated copy of the membership database to use as starting point for season.

13/04/2017 11:19:30
Chris Kilsby
Simon has been sailing Pip's boat (3735)

13/04/2017 19:01:18
Also Christian Burrell is same as Christian Birrell and 3788 is boat number, not 3749


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