Any full measurers attending May ST at Pwllheli

25/03/2017 15:06:05
Hello All
Will there be any full measurers attending Pwllheli Silver Tiller?

I need 3783 measuring. Boat just up the road from Pwllheli: Near Abersoch

If there is any one attending, and able to measure could you contact me please on 01758 740676 or by email on annamali2  [at] aol  [dot] com

 Alternatively leave contact details and I'll contact you.

Many Thanks

26/03/2017 08:37:35
Chris Martin
Roger Mee is probably your closest. The only others are based south coast or south east.
I doubt we'll see any of them at Pwllheli ST, theres only Graham who still sails in the class. 

26/03/2017 11:28:38
Was just a thought, probably easier then to get it done while I am down south with her after Easter. 


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