22/03/2017 13:30:58
Dan and I are going to Carnac - yes really - Dan has even booked the ferry. 
Now looking at accommodation options.  Have found a nice house nearby with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. Would anyone fancy sharing it from the Fri to Weds (5 nights)?  There will be either a double and twin room with bunks or could be two doubles.  Let me know asap please. Jen 07899 841053

04/04/2017 14:11:25
Room no longer available. 

13/04/2017 13:07:13
Fran├žois Podevyn
 Are there old Merlin (Nr 3000 or less) attending Carnac 2017 ?
We are only 2 of us : Rod Andrew (2988) and I (1711)...


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