WTD: Merlin for Thamessailing

12/02/2017 14:02:31
Hello, I am looking for an older (old?) narrow Merlin to sail on the Thames.  Unfortunately, I don't have the skill or resources, or space to take on a restoration so I'm in the market for a boat that is ready-to-go.  There were a few in the MR classifieds this time last year and I should have bought the one I went to look at!!  My email is timothymedcalf (at sign) yahoo.co.uk  Many thanks in advance, Tim

13/02/2017 07:50:16
Chris Martin
Theres a couple on the secondhand page. Flying Wild i believe is well kitted up.
You can get quite a good one, albeit in need of fittings and tuning for a not a lot of money, but don't expect one thats been modernised and has a decent track record to come at a bargain price! Its also easy buy a well disguised basket case by mistake. Visit a river club and talk to some owners about design, preferred builders etc. 
You can get what you want at a sensible price, the more you do yourself to update it the more sensible the price will be. 

13/02/2017 09:31:35
Tim Medcalf
Hi Chris, thanks for the note and words of advice.  I have looked at a few poor souls abandoned in boat parks so have a feeling for the downsides of the market!
Yes, Flying Wild would have been a good option but I think has been taken down from the for sale board.
Hopefully this thread will find a lead or enable someone to pass on my details. 

13/02/2017 09:58:03
Hi Tim,  Here's a thought.....A good Smokers or an NSM 1 or 2 will go well on the river plus you have the advantage of a little more power when there is a descent breeze and a boat that you could be competitive in at certain open water venues too when the wind isn't too strong. There looks to be some good examples on the second-hand board.. Dave

13/02/2017 13:36:34
Chris Kilsby
Flying Wild flew the nest this weekend. 1 week too late eh!?

16/02/2017 12:12:30
Richard Cartwright
Hi Tim.  I own MR 2979 a Fadeaway Satisfaction which has been at Cookham for most of its life.  I was proposing to list it for sale in a couple of months as it is currently being wintered as usual in my garage under a rack supporting my Enterprise Dinghy.  I have sent further details off group to your email address. Richard

12/04/2017 10:41:45
Tim M
Still looking.

12/04/2017 11:24:58
1781 is for sale on Apollo duck.. 


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