Midland Circuit Pub Crawl - Sat 25th Feb

06/02/2017 19:28:54
The Inaugural Midland Circuit Pub Crawl will be on Saturday 25th Feb starting from Birmingham New Street Station and encompassing a tour of some of the most revered drinking holes in Brum.

Entry Fee: nil
Start time: 13:00hrs

All welcome, although any southerners or lark sailors are advised to stick to the shandy.
Schedule and course map will be available soon.
International drinking rules will apply.
Sponsorship packages available.....

07/02/2017 17:36:57
Jon Steward
I'd like to come along but I've got work on Monday.
I know how you lot drink. I was at the inlands!

08/02/2017 07:03:41
Martin Smith
John as Tim pointed out lemonade is available for shandy drinking southerners 😉

15/02/2017 22:24:21
Tim Male
Itinerary as follows:
Brewdog                                  13:00-14:30
Post Office Vaults                    14:40-15:10
Purecraft Bar and Kitchen       15:20-16:50
The Bureau Bar                       17:00-18:00
The Wellington                        18:10-19:40
Old joint stock                         19:50-20:50
The Botanist                            21:00-22:00
New street station:                   22:00

22/02/2017 08:14:00
stuart gurney
Tim - your post has been trimmed at 22.00 
please add the next 4 hours 


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