Helm wanted for Speed Machine, 3742

28/01/2017 12:14:32
Hi everyone
Having fallen for Merlins last year, I took the plunge and bought 3742 at the end of last year.  Unusually, I prefer to crew and truth be told am probably better at it than helming (have spent most of my recent sailing past on the front of 49ers and 18 footers).
So I am looking for a fast /competitive skipper to do at a minimum Salcombe open, HISC open and Salcombe week (yes I have an entry, and accomodation!), and ideally as much club racing  / training as possible between.  Boat is at Tamesis but I'm based near Guildford so also thinking of sailing at Shoreham / other south coast venues. The boat is quick and has a brand new suit of sails for the season.
Drop me an email if interested, [email protected]


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