Toe Straps

04/01/2017 14:24:12
Hi All -
I need to replace the toe straps on our Merlin and was wondering if anybody had any advice on which ones / make to get that strong, not going to give too much with use and don't perish too quickly?

04/01/2017 14:53:16
Chris Rathbone
We replaced our toe straps last year with bespoke ones made by Chris Gould at Creation Covers. Really pleased with them and most comfortable.

04/01/2017 15:17:37
Samantha Lulham
Thank you - out of interest how are they 'bespoke' as such? Did he require specific measurements etc ?  

04/01/2017 19:04:32
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Can't recommend Chris Gould at Creation covers highly enough, great products awesome service.

04/01/2017 20:08:42
Chris Rathbone
The boat I own was built in 1969 so I had two long straps made, rather than the more usual four straps. I measured the old straps and sent to Chris who priced them up, added eyelets as requested and sent very rapidly back to me.

05/01/2017 19:07:49
Rod Andrew
If it's any help at all, I took the seat belts out of Jo's scrap Peugeot & used my mother's 1946 Singer to sew over the ends....

05/01/2017 20:01:10
samantha lulham

thanks all !



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