Anyone thinking of selling their Winder but not advertised yet?

05/11/2016 08:34:14
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
There are some great boats for sale at the moment.

If anyone is thinking of selling a Winder Glass boat for under £8k please get in touch.

Have a few interested parties...!

05/11/2016 09:00:58
Stuart Bates MR3615
Hi Gareth,
 Have seen that Andy Bines has posted this one on Facebook in a  Group on there.  There is also a few more listed in the group (Search Merlin Rocket).  Don't know why they haven't posted them on here.

05/11/2016 09:11:38
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Andy's boat looks really good. It's on apollo duck

05/11/2016 09:43:59
Stuart Bates MR3615
Was Pat Blake's boat originally.  Will still be a quick boat as well.

05/11/2016 09:57:20
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Pat Blakes boat?

05/11/2016 13:37:11
Dave Lee
Robin Charles is planning to sell 3628 fairly soon,  early Mk4 Winder.  

05/11/2016 16:05:46
HI Gareth,
I have actually put an ad on to the Merlin site as well but it hasn't been added yet for some reason.
Stuart is correct this was originally Pat Blake's boat, which had the bow dropped in the mould at Winder's.
It is a fast well sorted boat. 

05/11/2016 16:41:37
Martin Smith
From what I can see your boat has been on the secondhand list since mid September!
And I can confirm it did go well at the inland champs too!

05/11/2016 17:02:10
Nick S
3592 Boadicea will be up for sale very soon as a new ship should arrive early next year. Winder dropped bow with a chipstow mast. Still very fast. 

07/11/2016 20:49:14
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Thank you for the responses 

Thank you also to all the people who have emailed me photos.

I ama away with work for the rest of november, but i am very keen to see as many boats as possible on my return so if there is any way of contacting their owners of the boats that are not on the MROA for sail list or on Apollonius Duck then I would be very grateful for contact details

Thank you 


28/11/2016 21:43:16
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Any news on Robin Charles boat

30/11/2016 17:11:33
Robin Charles


My Broadband has been down for a while, so I have only just seen your post.

I  now have my new Winder hull in my workshop , I am fitting it out myself.
I am the second owner of 3628. It was Tom Stewart's boat when new. Carbon bowtank and deck.He fitted it out with all Harken gear. It has a Chipstow mast refurbed by Alan Jackson with a new carbon track just before he retired .
(They used to go a bit soft). One string. Continuous kicker. Pole launchers. Lightly used set of P&Bs plus spares. New cover this year plus buoyancy bags, toe straps. Re rigged. Combi with new launching trolley about 5 years ago. Lifting rudder. Looking to sell in the new year for around £7k.

30/11/2016 17:18:18
Robin Charles
Gareth , I should have stated Obvious- 3628 is a Winder 4.

30/11/2016 23:38:03
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Hi robin

Thanks for the info

Sounds a good boat

Can you email me some photos?

[email protected]

02/12/2016 08:45:00
Robin Charles


I'm just off for a family trip around the UK.(Visiting relations)

I'll come back to you on return.

05/12/2016 21:42:05
Gareth Griffiths NHRC

Look forward to seeing some photos 


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