Merlin Week Entry fee payment DUE BY 17:00 4/11/2016. IMPORTANT NOTICE

03/11/2016 12:06:11

Merlin Week Entry fee payment. IMPORTANT NOTICE.

For those who are on the entry list, your entry fee, is due if not already paid.

The CORRECT payment per entry is:
£155 ‐ standard entry fee
£165 ‐ standard entry fee with Millbay berthing.
Please pay Salcombe Yacht Club by BACS giving your SURNAME and SAIL NUMBER as a reference. Lloyds Bank Account Number 00754494 Sort Code 309472 
Please pay this by 17:00 4/11/2016 to avoid the acute disappointment of having your place offered to the next on the waiting list.  Part payment = non-payment - you know who you are!
This is draconian, we do realise. But this policy is in fairness  to your fellow Merlin Rocketeers on the waiting list.  
Ballot. I can also formally confirm that a retrospective entry ballot, (for legal contractual reasons) will not be enacted.  
Thanks everyone.

03/11/2016 12:49:16
Dave C
Hi Graham,
Have the payment confirmation e-mails been sent yet? I've not seen one yet - paid on Monday (don't want to bother the office as they will be busy..)
Cheers, Dave 

03/11/2016 21:48:18
Graham Cranford Smith
No. Not yet Dave. But as long as the funds have transferred it will be fine. Best. G. 

04/11/2016 11:12:46
Graham Cranford Smith

We are aware of the £5 discrepancy between the entry form and the page which followed.

 We will not be lobbing people for a £5 shortfall in payment: but please try and pay the right amount, as above.




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