Removing paint(!) from carbon spini poles.

01/11/2016 11:45:18
Hi, one for the boat builders... My new (to me) ship has white, painted spini poles! the paint has chipped and looks a bit sad now. I want to remove the paint and take them back to the carbon with a finish of two pack varnish. Question is can I use paint stripper safely on carbon tube? If so any recommendations as to what product is best (I believe there are some products that are safe on GRP) ??
Thanks, Dave 

01/11/2016 13:42:35
Chris m
They were painted from new I think, so i very doubt you'll get it all off.

01/11/2016 14:00:24
I have just worked on my mast... sanded back for days but never got it all off so painted it black!  Much Easier and provides good protection/resilience - I sprayed it with car enamel and then lacquer.

01/11/2016 17:54:47
I'm about to rub down and re varnish a Chipstow mast.  What's the recommended sandpaper grade?

01/11/2016 18:02:41
Chris Martin
320, coarser if the coating is deteriorated 


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