History of 3216

01/11/2016 10:50:10

I have recently acquired 3316 (a Rowsell/Omega NSM1), as a project supplied in bits.

I wondered if anyone has any history about her as she seems to have some quirky features? Instead of bags she has 2 x grp corner buoyancy tanks which I assume are original as they are capped by the R & M hardwood deck coaming but they are rather poorly made;- quite odd.

The mast supplied has a strut, but there is no provision for the usual two-way lever arrangement;- only a large double deck sheave just forward of the mast gate which makes no sense at first glance. 

Can any previous owner shed any light? She is also missing her ally hoop and a couple of double sheaves for the control lines if anybody has such bits gathering dust in the shed.

02/11/2016 02:26:17
Stuart Bates MR3615
I don't know anything about the history of this boat, however in terms of the Strut,  this is usually set to provide rearward pressure on the mast only, with the rig tension/kicker inducing the bend, hence the one set of blocks.  The more modern rig, with lowers (led back to the shrouds) and a puller were developed for the softer deckstepped masts that came into use at a later date, Hog Stepped masts are usually stronger, thus not needing the strut to pull the mast forward to counteract the Spinnaker Poles.
Hope that this helps.

02/11/2016 21:31:44
John Cooper
3316 is a wooden Rowsell Summer Wine. It was at Whitstable in the late 90's sailed by Mike Fitzpatrick. I remember it had an aft tank. 

03/11/2016 12:00:50
Mike Liggett
If 3216 this is indeed a Rowsell NSM 1 Omega Sandwich Foam hull.  First owner (1980) was Graham Scroggie who was at that time a member of Queen Mary SC.  His contact details are in the 2016 Year Book and you could give him a bell.

03/11/2016 13:15:27
Sorry, finger trouble. Its 3216, named as Prospect, (and still sign written on) although its prospects look rather slight, the grim state its in! Thanks for the info.

03/11/2016 17:41:15
Peter Male
Godrey  -  could you let me have a photo of the name  - via [email protected]  - and then perhaps I could get Graham to give the reason for the name.

03/11/2016 20:50:46
Graham Scroggie
Hi , the boat was originally owned by Robert Harris, who was Chairman at the time and it was the second one built. I have quite a few pics if you contact me. Definately originally had bags,a track with strops for the main sheet, quadrant levers for the shrouds. Can't remember the arrangement for the ram. I bought it in Jan 80 after Robert owned it for only a short time.
It was a new project under his stewardship and I think the name was a sort of connection with the idea of hopefully having good prospects.

18/03/2018 22:29:17
Hi Graham. Well, Prospect has finally risen to the top of the 'To Do' list once again after a couple of repair projects. If there are any photos of her as she was, it would be great to see them and explain the various mystery holes before I consider putting the deck back on. I am at [email protected] if you would like to get in touch re some pics. Cheers G

15/10/2018 09:09:37
Godfrey Clark
Prospect's prospects have now improved considerably now that she has her new deck on and is looking more like she did in Jim Parks old handbook.
All I find I am missing is the mainsheet hoop if anybody has one buried in their shed? It would ideally have been the aluminum tube type, which had a slightly bandy-legged appearance. This would fit the original sockets.
Otherwise I need a friend with a pipe-bender! Thanks 

22/10/2018 00:08:30
William Harris
Godfrey and Graham, I can confirm that my dad owned it from new. He might have some pics somewhere. We picked it up from Spud and drove to Weymouth for the champs. The glue holding the deck to the hull was still drying when we collected it. 

My dad was keen to support the development of the GRP boats. He was worried that sales could stall and thought the class chairman should lead the way. Prospect started out as an attempt to use the letters GRP to form a name with Good Racing Prospect being the best idea we came up with. It sounded so clunky hence the shortening to just Prospect. 

My dad sailed it with Jeremy Kearns at Weymouth. I was just there for the ice cream and arcades (I think Scramble was my game of choice at the time).

I'm pretty sure there are pics of Prospect in the original Merlin Rocket book if anyone can lend you a copy. If not come back to me, I could copy some and forward them to you. 

The book is at my mum's, so I won't be able to sort til I next see her. Hope that all helps.


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