Photos of Square Hoop Systems

17/10/2016 09:49:22
Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have any close up photos of a stainless steel hoop system including traveller and cleats.
Antonio Sbordone at Santa Maria di capua Vetere who specialises in building and repairing microlites has knocked up a very nice 316 grade stainless steel hoop for me but, not having a Merlin Rocket nearby, I am unsure of how/where the hoop accessories are mounted. Can anyone help me with this please.
Regarding the Italian Merlin I have almost finished the deck structure and expect to lay the decks after Christmas 2016 :-)
Not the fastest build in the world, but, as some would say : "God is in the details" and as others would say "The Devil is in the details". - I have encountered both.

17/10/2016 18:12:34
Ainslie French
If any of you have a moment before you start sailing, I'd be grateful if you could take one or two close up shots of the hoop mechanism and email them to me at [email protected] please.
By way of thanks I attach a liitle Italian electricity.
Statt' Buon.

17/10/2016 18:14:10
Italian Electricity

18/10/2016 10:24:39
There are some photos in the Gallery

19/10/2016 09:34:14
Ainslie French
Hi Miles,
Thanks for the speedy reply.
I have checked the gallery and you're right, there are various hoop details photographed whuich helps alot.
I'm still not 100% sure of how it all goes together though
Is the Harken Track across top of Square Hoop mounted on fore or aft face, which is better ? - How is this fixed - with SS screws & nuts or welded ?
2 Upper Pulleys at top of hoop on either side of track on fore or aft face ? What is the pulley size and how are these fixed - SS screws & nuts or welded ?
2 Lower Pulleys above transom on either side of hoop on fore or aft face, what is the pulley size (presumably the same as the upper pulleys)  but what are they  aligned with ?
As in Wicked - Hoop Slides through transom and is mounted using SS nuts & bolts on small 6mm marine plywood knee mounted at base of main frame.
What is the diameter of rope running through these systems ?
Please can anyone give me any help with these queries ?. I would be very grateful.
Best wishes

19/10/2016 11:02:33
1. Track on front
2. SS Bolts throufh track and nylock nuts, or into threaded hoop
3 pulleys front face 25mm bolted through
4 Lower pulleys 20mm 
5 control line 4mm or 5mm 

May be wrong, but basically what ever works for you.


19/10/2016 12:32:05
Richard Saunderson
Does threading into the hoop work satisfactorily? I would worry that the tube wall would be too thin to provide adequate depth of thread. Do rivet nuts work in this situation?

19/10/2016 15:47:10
More photos on RevivalPage (facebook) 

21/10/2016 09:06:41
Ainslie French
Thanks very much once again Miles. I'll take a look this weekend.
Best Wishes


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