Rudders and centreboards

03/10/2016 13:58:36
Hi guys

I am building a new rudder and centreboard for my boat and I was wondering if anyone else was interested or thinking about new foils?

I work for Green Marine, I could do it at work and it wouldn't be too much harder to build several rather than just my own set.

HD foam Core

Carbon Prepreg skin

Painted with Durepox

03/11/2016 21:06:08
Hi Did you make them yet ? I could be interested . Give me a call some time. Thanks John 07899097615

04/11/2016 06:33:52
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Hi John

I'll be making them in December. I am away through November.

12/11/2016 16:28:15
Rob Hatley
Lifting or fixed rudder ?
How much ?
Thank you. 

15/11/2016 14:44:19
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Hi guys thanks for all the interest.

I am away for the next two weeks

Can you email me any designs you have or ideas you wish me to design for you.

Fixed or blade for a stock or with a stock, costs vary on designs and ideas

But the more the merrier as it reduces costs for us all


15/11/2016 18:26:02
Rob Hatley
Your e-mail address is...?

16/12/2016 22:59:00
New owner and Not registered yet, but I'm interested in a lifting blade. 

17/12/2016 08:28:38
Gareth Griffiths NHRC

Please can you email me 

[email protected]

I am trying to work on prices at the moment.

The more we get, the cheaper it is.

Merry Christmas 


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