Felucca 8-9 Oct

28/09/2016 19:19:09
The porthole will be available as usual on Saturday night after the dinner on day 1 of the Felucca trophy at Hollingworth Lake.
2 races Sat starting at 2pm, 3 races Sunday from 11 for Silver Tiller points. 
NOR at Hlsc.org.uk

05/10/2016 23:07:25
Martin Smith
The most Northerly of our Silver Tiller events is this weekend.
I have no allegiance to the club, or particular reason for promoting it, save to say I went for the first time two years a go and loved it!
Oh and we need more Northern events especially a sea event.
I think it offers a stunning if rugged location and based on my experience a home fleet that provides competition across the entire range of Merlin Sailors and if you get it right you might even get to sail over the top of the class trainer twice in one weekend!!
Quality scoff on Saturday night and a chance to experience the "Porthole"
Hopefully see you there. 

09/10/2016 21:56:25
Martin Smith
Well if this weekend was a dry run for the 2017 Sillver Tiller we are in for a cracker.
Northern hospitality at its best, interesting sailing due to the wind and stunning views.
Thank you Hollingsworth, see you next year.


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