Blithfield - - Inland Champs.

24/09/2016 16:53:18
Peter Male
Race results on Blithfield website

25/09/2016 21:06:59
Peter Male
The info has been updated to show all trophy winners.

26/09/2016 08:50:17
Thanks for a great event at Blithfield on and off the water.  If we run the Parkstone ST and dinner half as well on 22/10 I'd be happy.

26/09/2016 20:39:52
Parkstone Silver Tiller Dinner was brilliant the last time so we have booked our tickets. :)

26/09/2016 23:39:26
Martin Smith
Results and report in the results section.

27/09/2016 08:56:45
Peter Male
Photo's taken over the weekend are now on the Blithfield website (over 300 of them) - on the Multimedia page.
A direct link is :
At the end of the first page it shows a sequence of pics taken at the rounding of the windward mark in race 1.  A bit of fun!
Thanks go to Tim for uploading all these.


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