Free entry to Carnac 2017

22/09/2016 17:19:05

Just a reminder that someone will shortly win their YC Carnac entry fee for next May. But... you have to have entered and paid your deposit by 1st November. It only takes 2 minutes - simply go to We'll draw one lucky winner out of the hat who is then excused their €190 entry so definitely worth taking a chance!

Obviously this is a way off still so for those unsure of their exact plans TBC is an excellent helm or crew, or boat too for that matter, and we can update it later. Also when you enter you'll receive a link to a landing page enabling you to get a discount on ferry travel, it is half term so some are likely to sell out...

If you're not sure what you are letting yourself in for then visit for more details or just ask one of the guys who went last time (, but basically it's a long weekend in France, it's half term and bank holiday weekend so fits in with holidays and combines being on holiday with sailing. What's not to like?


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