Francis Williams

21/09/2016 21:05:02
I am afraid I have some very bad news. Francis Williams died in hospital on Monday.
He made the effort to come to the big 70th Celebration at Upper Thames on Sept 10th although he was unwell. I don't think any of us realised how unwell. It was lovely to see him again and catch up on some reminiscing.
Derek Sheffer sent this email to break the news - I can't do better than reproduce it:

I would like to thank the MROA for inviting me to the 70th Anniversary celebrations. It was a great pleasuire to meet up with many old friends and also to see a wonderful cross section of boat designs both ancient and modern!
Sadly, I have to relay the tragic news that Francis Williams (my long standing friend and former merlin skipper), who has been fighting cancer over the past two years, had a relapse the monday after the 70th Celebrations and had to go into hospital where he died yesterday afternoon..
He was on great form on the 10th and certainly made the most of his "Last Hurrah".
Derek Sheffer 

24/09/2016 13:47:13
Pat Blake
Francis Williams' funeral is to be on Monday October 3rd at Holy Trinity Church in Exmouth at 3.30pm, and afterwards at the Sailing Club

01/10/2016 08:27:31
Keith Callaghan
  I had a long conversation with Francis at the 70th Celebrations, reminiscing about the races that he and Derek sailed against Patrick and I, in the early 70s. Derek had informed me about his illness but Francis seemed so full of energy as we talked. Yes, he made the most of his 'Last Hurrah'.


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