Missing Salcombe results 2009-10

16/09/2016 15:08:28

Hi all

I've been updating the past champions pages as not kept up to date the last 2-3 years. I noted that since SYC have updated their website we appear to have lost the only online copy of 2009 and 2010 Salcombe week results. The aren't posted on MROA site from what I can tell. Does anyone have electronic copies we could get uploaded?


16/09/2016 19:03:43
John Cooper
Ross.  Ihave the 2009 results but not 2010.  Will email them to you.

16/09/2016 21:11:52
Thanks John

19/09/2016 16:10:17
John Cooper
Ross, what's your email?  Tried to contact you through your link from this site but failed!  John

19/09/2016 17:00:47
Thanks John, I now have the 2009 results


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