Start time

09/09/2016 18:07:34
Please can anyone tell me the start time of the De May series first race as I have had various times mentioned to me! It says 11.00am on website but I have been told it's 10.30am? 
Also best route from Worthing... M40 or M4? 

09/09/2016 18:36:06
Frances Gifford

Hi Sara,

Notice of race says 10.30.  And Richard Pausey posted on here 10.30 and he's the most knowledgable of all the sources.  He probably read the Notice of Race.

Best way from Worthing would be M4 assuming M4 running ok, but I'm sure it will be at that time.... 
See you tomorrow. 

09/09/2016 19:30:58
Sara Warren
Jolly good. Thanks Fran.

10/09/2016 07:14:47
Sara Warren
Jolly good. Thanks Fran.


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