40th Anniversary event at UTSC 1986

07/09/2016 15:56:31
Hi everyone,
We have finally got a video from the event 30 years ago up on YouTube. Thanks to Stewart Gurney for saving the copy on an old tape - he gave to me for safe keeping years ago! Well I didn't lose it but I it did take a while to do anything with it.
Also thanks to Lou Johnson for organising getting on you tube.
And thanks to The Gurn for his most amusing commentary too! 

08/09/2016 11:14:00
Very good ;)

09/09/2016 14:03:48
Lou Johnson
 If any one else has any footage of merlins sailing over the years, please send them via www.wetransfer.com to [email protected] and we can add them to the You Tube.
Please include a description and who (if anyone) we should credit.
Many thanks


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