Nationals Results

14/08/2016 21:28:35
Richard Parslow

15/08/2016 10:38:50
.... it would seem some folk didn't like their result yesterday so moaned at the race committee who canned the race several hours after it finished -  incredible !!!

15/08/2016 19:12:47
Chris M
There was rather more to it than that!

15/08/2016 23:24:14
Not that incredible
Not moaning by some, more like protesting by the majority!

17/08/2016 11:33:38
Results. Not on Y&Y or the club website. Would be useful if the club posted on their website at the end of the day
Any chance of rattling their cage Tim ;)

17/08/2016 12:49:41
John Adams
Y&Y has results for days 2 and 3, hidden amongst all the Rio coverage.  There's also a report on day 1, but no results, presumably as the race was judged to be null and void.

17/08/2016 23:10:40
Tim Fells
Unfortunately Penzance Sailing Club are unable to post results on their site. All results are on the Y&Y site with the daily reports.

18/08/2016 08:11:41
Mike Liggett
Great reports Tim - keep them coming - I can almost feel the salty spray!

18/08/2016 08:49:10
Morning Tim
Did wonder. Good reports by the way. So understand the Stu call away by the RYA, but what was the story on Taxi yesterday as Alex and Tom appear to have had a yacht around the course coming 11th?

18/08/2016 19:49:56
Dave C
I'd like to know what the RYA consider so important that they take Stu out of a regatta he had a good chance of winning! ... maybe the don't consider the our championships are of any importance in their world?

19/08/2016 21:12:20
Ian Mackenzie
Many thanks to Tim for his exceptionally vivid and timely reports.

19/08/2016 21:29:33
I would second this- Tim, thank you for the brilliant reports as ever. It's lovely to be able to keep up with the action, and it is incredibly impressive how you manage to fit in doing this after a full-on day's racing! Thank you! 


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