Launching Trolley Revamp

21/07/2016 10:26:09
I'm coming to the end of renovating Smart Cookie 3559 and I want to renovate the launching trolley too (to protect the smooth shiny bottom!!). What material is best to go on the cradles? I have heard the view that the age-old use of carpet is not good as it remains wet for so long and can harbour grit. I have considered "astro-turf" but have no experience of it. I have also looked at closed cell foam but don't know whether it would be tough enough. Does anyone have any experience they could share please?

21/07/2016 17:07:28
Kieron Mason
I got some black bristle doormat from Ikea for around £5 which works a treat - virtually identical to the material on new trolleys - its HDPE so quite soft on the hull.  Its only been on for a couple of weeks so no track record / long term comparison personally. I drilled through the mat into the cradle and put a cable tie through in a number of places.
Astro Turf seems to be equally popular though..... 


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