Salcombe 2017

20/07/2016 11:38:47
Does anyone know the dates of Salcombe 2017 yet? I know its around 51 weeks away but having secured an entry for 2016 and had it selfishly taken away from me at the last minute by work and an unavoidable trip to the desert I would like to get my ducks in a row so that it doesnt happen again! 51 weeks probably isnt far enough in advance for my employers but it'll give me a fighting chance.

20/07/2016 12:20:41
Per the SYC website:  2 -7 July 2017

21/07/2016 12:19:26
Ian 3555
And here is a first-timer's view of 2016. Should make for a rapid response when entry next year starts. When are you firing the gun Graham?


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