Salcombe Reports

14/07/2016 07:32:42
I feel I am there!  Congratulations Tim on speedy interesting reports (with associated photos) which paint an excellent picture of all the action on the water (and off) - and competing yourself.  On behalf of many Merlin and other sailors away from the action - thanks.

15/07/2016 12:42:03
Thanks! It is always a pleasure to be able to share this great event

15/07/2016 20:40:44
Tim Davis
Brilliant reports all week, can only agree with all previous comments, nice to see merlins getting the press coverage they deserve. well done Tim Fells.

16/07/2016 16:04:48
The coverage has been excellent and the social media posts bring it alive very quickly; the video clips of thrills and spills put you right at the heart of it wherever you are.  Well done to all and thank you to all who posted pictures and video clips to help us be part of it. 


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