Committee Vacancies

04/07/2016 17:57:45
Frances Gifford

Hi everyone,

As you will have read in the Summer Magazine, there are vacancies on the MROA committee.  Please do consider whether you may be able to offer a small amount of your time and energies, to keeping the class strong and moving forward.

Please give me or Chris Martin a call regarding the committee positions, and to discuss what they involve.  It is necessary in amateur organisations such as ours for members to volunteer so that the burdens don't always fall on the same shoulders.
It is also enjoyable, rewarding and challenging - often in a good way.
Please do give it serious consideration.
Ideally you'd give me a call before the AGM on Saturday.

05/07/2016 20:52:16

Hi Fran,

 You might have more joy if you let people know what the positions are?? If I phoned I would feel almost obligated to accept a position and so without knowing what I would be letting myself in for the best option is to keep my head down.

See you on Saturday. 

06/07/2016 13:56:10
Frances Gifford

No-one should feel in the least bit obligated to do anything based on a phone call to discuss what being on the committee involves.  I would anticipate the call goes a bit like this:

Brrring Brring
Hello Fran here.
Hi Fran its Joe Bloggs.  I've been sailing merlins for a couple of years now, and am thinking I should maybe give some of my time back to the class, to keep it thriving.  I saw your note in the magazine and then your post on the forum prompted me to give you a call to discuss it.  But I'm not sure whether it might be too much commitment,  so I thought I'd find out a little more about it.
Hi Joe - thanks for calling.  Well.....this is what it involves and this is where the committee meetings are at the moment, and these are the different posts that are currently vacant, etc... etc....
Ok Fran, thanks for all of that info, I'll have a think about it and give you a buzz back in the next day or so.
Thanks Joe - speak soon, Fran.
No obligations or commitment by giving me a buzz to discuss. 

The three current vacancies are:

Vice chairman
Fixtures secretary
Dinghy Show co-ordinator 
Needless to say my phone hasn't been going nuts since my first post.  The committee positions aren't all fixed in stone so if anyone thinks they have anything to contribute in any capacity, I would love to hear from them.


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