Merlin Week NOR amendment. MROA membership.

17/06/2016 14:17:08

Not long now dear Rocketeers, until the most eagerly anticipated event in the sailing calendar. 

NOR. FYI we are posting a revision to the NOR shortly. It will be on the SYC website, with luck on Monday. Version 10 (a number did not make it to press).
Anyway: at the reasonable request of the MROA to qualify for the event, it is now a requirement of Merlin Week that the helm be a member of the MROA. This is a miniscule price to pay folks, for all the incredible hard work put in by your excellent committee, which I have witnessed first hand.
So PLEASE could you stump up to Uncle Colin asap, if per chance, you are one of quite a number who have forgotten to pay this year's sub?
Thank you!
£25 for boat owners and £15 for non-boat owners: which is less than the cost of a pair of sailing gloves.
Any late changes of crew/boat/underwear, can you let the SYC office know please? Thanks. [email protected]
Graham   pps SYC.

17/06/2016 20:15:21
Thanks graham


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