Rigging Guides

06/06/2016 10:00:42

Does anyone have copies of the various rigging guides which they can send me as the links on the website don't appear to work any more. We're trying to re-build an Adur 7 which is basically a bare hull but plan to deck step an old carbon mast (with help) and need to work out where to put all the fittings, bags, etc. so any help in terms of the rigging guides, good photos of boats which have been restored etc. would be much appreciated.
If anyone can help please send them to [email protected] 
Thanks in advance,


06/06/2016 18:00:11
Hi Chris

I was looking for these too a few posts below. If you scroll through the archive photos, the rigging guide photos are there

Hope this helps


12/06/2016 14:32:34
Keith Callaghan
Chris, should you wish to do the Full Monty with your Adur 7, you might wish to check out the rig control diagrams at http://www.bluelightning.co.uk/Merlins/MRTechnical.shtm


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