Varnish - what Brand?

25/05/2016 14:01:08


 I am looking for a good varnish for my M/R 3131.

I used to buy the Goldspar from International for my father's M/R 3298. Not available anymore, thanks to Brussels...
I saw different brands that may do the job.
As I am sailing in the mediteranea area, climate conditions are slightly different.
Rod Andrew tried Xyladecor YACHT, some guys here are using italian brands such as veneziani or stoppani.
There is still the Shooner from International, but need to be dilute, and also the dutch brand Epifanes.
 I don't know what the best choice is right now.
Any idea? 


25/05/2016 20:40:52
Mike Liggett
Have recently started using Epifanes.  It is expensive but builds to excellent gloss.  It also has very good UV protection.  

26/05/2016 10:31:05
Arnaud F
Thanks for your feedback Mike

28/05/2016 14:02:01
Kieron Mason
Hi Arnaud, it may be useful to look at the Merlin Rocket Revival Fleet Facebook page - I've posted a link to one discussion about varnish and technique, there will surely be many more. You would be a very welcome addition to the group.

28/05/2016 14:07:38
Kieron Mason
OK so the link didn't work!  Look for the FB page and I'm sure you'll find one or two posts,  good luck

12/06/2016 14:25:24
Keith Callaghan
I agree with Mike (and so does Laurie Smart) - Epifanes clear high gloss varnish is excellent. Not as quick drying as some, but brushes out beautifully and dries to a high gloss. This is a traditional varnish - not polyurethane and thus will need annual re-coating to keep your decks in perfect order.


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