New Hazardous Zero 9 being built

16/05/2016 22:10:41
James Gibbons
So I have taken delivery of the kit and am ready to start the big build. I have labelled all the parts tonight and made a list of items required to do the build.
Will be using Julio Arana's blog as inspiration. 

17/05/2016 08:44:28
Gareth Griffiths
Exciting stuff

Julio's blog was massively well received, not just by Merlin enthusiasts but by friends worldwide who are just interested in exciting home built projects.

I am sure many people would be very keen to follow your progress, whether you Blog or just fun an FB page...

Very envious 


17/05/2016 09:38:13
James Gibbons
Hi Gareth,
I certainly will keep some pictures going of my progress. The plan is to eventually sail from Parkstone as my father races his Wayfarer down there currently.

17/05/2016 12:08:50
Gareth Griffiths

I'm at Lymington Town SC. will be keen to check out the project.

Do you live in Poole?

17/05/2016 12:13:18
James Gibbons
No I am based just outside Andover (Hampshire) but my family live down in Dorset.

17/05/2016 19:15:38
Gareth Griffiths
Hi James,

I notified Pat Lown, curator of Wooden Boat magazine of your project.

She has been very interested in my restoration, Julio Aranas new build and the class in general.


17/05/2016 21:04:19
Rob Holroyd

Hi James

Just down the road in South Wonston is my Smart Hazardous 09 Wicked, where are you building it?

If you want to see the original please give me a shout

17/05/2016 22:29:46
James Gibbons
Hi Rob,

Yes would like to come and see Wicked at some point that would be great.

I live at Picket Twenty and am going to be building the boat in my garage. I have wanted to do this for a couple of years but I had to save for the house with a garage first. Now that expense is out of the way it was time to build the boat.

18/05/2016 12:30:02
Hello James
Buying the right house to build the boat, now that is what I call determined

Enjoy the building, look forward to seeing updates. 

21/05/2016 21:23:33
John Dalby
I don't know the type of construction involved but if you wish to borrow a set of the over centre clamps usually used for ply planks then l would be happy to lend mine.

24/05/2016 18:45:00
Luna Rossa
Hi James,
Great to know about your build and good luck !!
Six things I didn't read in the literature before I started, which might make life easier  :
1. Check your plank thicknesses with vernier callipers before scarfing. They should all be equal otherwise you'll run into problems when you try to finish the scarfs.
2. Get the set up straight and square throughout the complete build. Horizontals and verticals in all directions are fundamental, always.
3. The tolerances are 1mm. From bow to stern 1mm. Its a tough criteria to meet but you won't regeret it.
4. Mix up your epoxy well. I stir for 5 minutes and then add the colloidal silica and thicken it until a nice thick blob on the end of the mixing stick doesn't drop off. You'll appreciate this because, if its too thin it tends to run down vertical surfaces like the garboard plank at the bow where there is a virtual 90 degree twist. If it isn't mixed properly the garboard will open up at the bow and you'll feel sick, as I did.
5. I found that Ian Oughtred's plywood clamps with little wedges were lighter than the more heavy duty clamps which can tend to make the planks sag in the middle when you're glueing them up. You can use more of them and it is easier to remove them one by one when you are cleaning up the wet epoxy.
6. Always check for sagging and symmetry when you glue up the planks. Its pretty frightening at first, well it was for me, but you'll soon develop your nerve.
Well, that's my sixpence worth. Once again, good luck with the build but don't let it take over your life :-)
Best wishes
Ainslie French

24/05/2016 20:34:38
James Gibbons
Thanks everyone for the kind comments and encouragement so far. I have started the building frame which is critical to be dead straight so I have spent a good few hours making sure this is correct. I have been putting this together using old wood pallets so far. I have got this to a stage now where I am happy with it. It has only taken me around 1 hour a night for a week so far.
I have started measuring the station's and need to order a few more bits to help with the build.
Exciting times. I will take pictures as I go and share my progress.

25/05/2016 09:37:57
Ben 3767
Hi James, If you email Jon Gorringe:  [email protected]  he can put you on the PYC Merlin Rocket FB page and our e-mailing list, which will keep you up to speed with all the Merlin happenings at Parkstone. Our next social is the famous Stoney Island BBQ on June the 19th which you would be more than welcome to attend, of course!  Good luck with your exciting new build.  

31/05/2016 21:55:37
Julio Arana
Hello James,
Congratulations on the delivery of your Hazardous Zero 9 kit! It's exciting indeed and look forward to reading your updates and seeing photos of your progress. Wicked was the inspiration of my build. If you can get close to it and talk to Laurie along the way, you'll be set. Take Rob's offer for sure.
In addition to the other good recommendations, I would add checking the full size paper drawings' dimensions with a measuring tape or standard. My print shop was off the first time. Then, of course, check the parts of the kit against the validated full size drawings before starting. Because of limited space, I prepped all parts before building the jig. This included scarfing and joining the plank pieces together and rounding off the edges, etc. The jig can take away needed working space.
Best of luck!
P.S. I plan another update in a week or so on building/fitting the hoop, the tiller/rudder stock, buoyancy bags (plates, bridges, etc.) and making you own webbing and toe straps.  

17/07/2016 19:19:37
James Gibbons
So all if the building frames are now on the frame I have built. The next stage is to setup the centreboard and the start to scarf the planks.

I have found an expert in woodwork who has offered to teach me how to scarf wooden planks so I'm booked in to do that shortly.

Niw starting to see progress. I am looking forwards to starting the planking as it will start to really take shape.


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