Story of 3131 MR

10/05/2016 14:52:52

Dear all,

My name’s Arnaud, I am French.

I used to sail a MR almost 15 years ago.

I recently decided to go back to these beauties within the MR 3131, named “Roots”.

I don’t know the story of this boat, and any help would be greatfull.

I am giving a new beauty to my MR within a restoration.

Thanks in advance.



11/05/2016 14:26:07
Mike Liggett
M/R 3131 was built in 1978 by Bill Twine to Phil Morrison design NSM1. Bill also owned the boat and was a member of Pevensey Bay SC.  By 1981 she was at Grafham Water SC and by 1985 was sailing at Wembley SC.  A further move took her to Parkstone YC in Dorset with a move down the coast to Weymouth in 1994.  By 1997 she was owned by someone who lived in Weston Super Mare.  This is the last recorded owner. 

23/05/2016 17:01:02

Dear Mike,


Many thanks for your feedback!

well appreciated!


 I'll try to get in touch with designer and previous owners, in order to be able to make this MR reborn as it was, or almost near at least.


23/05/2016 19:53:07
Rod Andrew
Nous avons 2 Merlins dans le Nord, je suis membre MROA depuis une trentaine d'années; vous pouvez nous contacter sur [email protected] 
Rod & Jo 


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