Owners of Prime of Life Boats

15/01/2015 21:47:30
As a continuance of a discussion on Face Book between Gareth, Dougal and Myself.

We are trying to coordinate some friendly and competitive (if there is such a thing) gatherings of wooden and prime of life boats. To sail against each other on a handicap system relative to the boats age/design etc.. These would be separate to any official ST or other fixtures.

Rather than just advertise an event, and find that no one is able to attend.

Could those of you who are interested in this indicate the following.

Boat/sail number
how far if at all you are willing to travel?
how many events would interest you?
would a nice big shiny trophy tempt you?
How many gatherings would you like?

If I've missed anything please feel free to add it.


06/05/2016 16:56:49
Gareth Griffiths
Hi guys

So we are getting set to get some great wooden merlins out racing in Lymington for the ST.

A few friends are making the long trip south, east and west to converge on Lymington for a great weekend.

It looks like Niane, Steppenwolf, Terabyte and She's a Cracker will all be racing. We have four or five other guys showing interest in attending with their wooden boats too.

This could be superb.

The club have appointed a great race officer who has kindly agreed to record times so that we can work out a handicap system to publish later on.

Things are looking good.

If you think you can make it please come down and feel free to email me if I can be of any help to find you anything you might need, accommodation, crew, spares anything.

Hope to see you guys soon


06/05/2016 20:48:50
Brian Whitmey
Twice Shy could be interested ...
New to the class and are currently the only seaworthy Merlin at Bough Beech in Kent. We would always be interested in something relatively low key where we could play with other Merlins of like vintage ... even better if it were on the sea.
Not at all fussed about prizes ... unless they are awarded from the back ... but anywhere in the South and East could be of interest for a few weekends in the year.
If anyone is interested , I could ask if we could organise something to happen at BB.. 
All the best
3467 - Twice Shy 

06/05/2016 21:43:53
Hello Brian

If you are on facebook, message me on https://www.facebook.com/miles.james.12935 and I'll add you to the Merlin Rocket Revival site, A group specifically aimed at keeping Wooden Merlins racing/sailing together

06/05/2016 22:20:15
Gareth Griffiths
Brian it would be great to see you at Lymington next weekend. 

10/05/2016 17:23:03
Gareth Griffiths
Hi guys it looks like we will have the following racing at Lymington 

The dream machine
She's a cracker

We want more wooden boats so please head down

10/05/2016 19:10:02
Brian Whitmey
Hi Gareth,
Sorry - wont be able to make Lymington. Shame cos i know it is a great place to sail.
Miles, I don't  do facebook myself, but my wife and crew does - so I'll get her onto the Merlin Revival thing and hopefully we'll be able to get to an event or two.
Enjoy the racing on sunday

10/05/2016 20:24:38
Gareth Griffiths
Look forward to seeing you at another regatta Brian.

11/05/2016 07:38:29
Gareth Griffiths
Looks like Rick Knap is brining his NSM4 at least for Saturday.

Even if you can just make one day this weekend we will make it worth it.

Lymington Town have been putting a huge effort in for this weekend.

11/05/2016 13:28:42
Derik Palmer
I'll be sorry to miss it - but Carerra is still in Lymington being fettled by Gareth. Hopefully I'll have her back to sail soon...

12/05/2016 12:22:23
Gareth Griffiths
Not too long now Derek...!


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