Order Today!! Sharps Doom Bar Salcombe Week t shirts

31/03/2014 14:17:58
Jayne Morris
"They are back by popular demand! Merlin Week Polos. Your favourite ones as per 2011 in Navy Blue, with 2014, and only £15. To secure your order please let us know your size before Tuesday 10th of June. Pay at registration the night before you set sail for the magical Salcombe Week!\r\nMENS\r\nSmall (34"")\r\n Medium (38"")\r\n Large (42"")\r\n X Large (46"")\r\n 2XL (50"")\r\n 3XL (53"")\r\n 4XL (56"")\r\n\r\n LADIES \r\n Size 8 (XS)\r\n Size 10 (S)\r\n Size 12 (M)\r\n Size 14 (L)\r\n Size 16 (XL)\r\n Size 18 (2XL)\r\n \r\nPlease email your order today!\r\n\r\nKind regards\r\nJayne"


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