USA Hazardous Boat Building Project - December Update Delayed!

20/01/2013 09:22:25
Happy New Year Julio. Looking forward to the next set of updates.

24/01/2013 04:26:42
Happy new year to you Julio

Looking forward to the update

Did you receive your magazine

14/01/2014 05:10:02
Julio Arana

My best wishes to all for the new year! In December I finished shaping the foils and painted the outside of the hull. Sadly, this evening I was making the final updates to my blog and managed to delete the December update in a matter of seconds without being able to recover it. I'll re-write the update in the next few days or so.

Fair winds in 2014 to all!


14/01/2014 05:10:02
Julio Arana
Thank you, Megan! No,I did not receive the magazine yet but look forwards to receiving it. It must have fallen off the sleigh on its way down or perhaps the 'elves' are still looking at it! ;-) I'll let you know the moment it gets here. Thank you for following up.

Chris, Barnsie, thanks for your new year wishes!



14/01/2014 07:50:17
Have a splendid new year and good sailing Julio


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