07/05/2013 20:29:31
Its that time of year again!\r\n\r\nSeedings will be sorted shortly so any critical requests let me know by e-mail and I'll try to accommodate.\r\n\r\nAs usual... no promises!\r\n\r\nStill got some beers to collect from last year if any creditors are going to HISC this weekend!\r\n\r\nSeedingsmeister

20/05/2013 16:12:28
Double entry
"Correct, though if it's taken a year to reclaim the debt you should probably think about putting a provision in place to save disappointment when your debtors completely deny they owe you any beer...\r\n\r\nCr Bad debt provision account (£amount of beer owed)\r\nDr Bad debt write off P&L account (£amount of beer owed)"

20/04/2014 08:43:57
I assume you mean debtors?

23/04/2014 13:28:50
"whatever flight you wanted is full!\r\n\r\nThough long and hard about whether my beers are debts or credits, and concluded that I had given credit to people, and they were therefore creditors.\r\n\r\nAccountancy help required...."

23/04/2014 13:28:50
"but... if I have given credit.. I could be the creditor, and I therefore have debtors.."


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