New DVD?

08/01/2014 04:50:41
Olly Turner
How about professional video footage/commentary at the National Championships? It makes for great publicity on a youtube/class site and even for display purposes at boat shows etc. Great projection of our class.
I admit to being pretty gripped to watching the Moth championships and AC!

12/01/2014 05:28:59
What happened to the "Sail-Spy" footage that was supposed to be 'coming soon' following Salcombe Week 2013?  I posted several comment son their you-tube preview but all seems to have gone dead.

21/01/2014 01:35:22
Derik Palmer
Since the class has apparently gotta lotta money and wants to know what to do with it - may I suggest a new DVD like the one given away with the mag in Summer 2009?  There must have been some cracking pictures taken by Demelza and others in the past four years!

And, as an aside, how about a version that can be downloaded to use as a screensaver? It would help make the winter gloom a bit more bearable...

01/02/2014 09:12:48
Now that is a good suggestions, I'll second it

02/02/2014 11:00:42
The provision of greater digital events coverage and an Association DVD are already in the pipeline, the Committee has been working towards raising the media profile of the class and this will be just part of several exciting developments to come. More ideas and suggestions are, of course, always welcome.


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