USA Hazardous Boat Building Project - December Update

20/01/2013 09:22:25
Julio do you have FaceTime or Skype

20/01/2013 09:22:25
Julio looking really good. Best of luck the the final finish on the hull. Looking forward to the next update. One question, are you building your own stock in carbon/glass or buying one in?

30/05/2013 08:57:54
Derik Palmer
Looking very good indeed.  Do you have any idea of when she'll first touch the water yet?

23/08/2013 04:36:04
Gareth Griffiths Notting Hill Rigging Co
Great read Julio, been firing a link to your blog to a lot of mates who are also boat builders, not of rockets but they are all loving it too...

07/10/2013 10:28:11
She's looking good Julio,bet you can't wait to turn her right way up.

31/12/2013 10:37:08
Brilliant job Julio, great its coming along so well.
Have you thought of a name yet?
Keep up the fantastic work.

08/01/2014 11:28:51
David Child
Fabulous! Congratulations. Do you have a name for her yet?

14/01/2014 05:10:02
Julio Arana
Gareth, thank you for the feedback. That partly explains the monthly increase in visits to the blog.

Barnsie, I do have Skype. When is a good time to chat?

14/01/2014 05:10:02
Julio Arana

I just updated my December blog... again, after managing to delete the first version last week. In December I finished shaping the foils and reinforced them with carbon fibre and fibreglass. I also painted the outside of the hull.

Below is the link to my blog. Thank you for reading it and commenting on my progress.



14/01/2014 05:10:02
Julio Arana
Miles, indeed. A lot more could be in progress on the inside at this time. Painting is taking me longer than I expected.

Derik, I'm going to say sometime in the Spring. Depends on my finishing skills... and the ones I need to acquire.

Rob, thank you. I'm close to a name. I'm confident I'll have one when I finish her deck.

Barnsie, I'm really thinking about building my own stock in carbon/glass for a kick-up rudder. Any thoughts/designs?

14/01/2014 05:10:02
Julio Arana
Thank you, David. I don't have a name for her yet but I'm confident I'll have one soon.


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